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Hey everybody,this is gonna be my first blog-post in english as I decided to change the language of my blog (which will see a lot of changes in the future). After having lived one year in Paris and working for the UN, I’ve a lot of friends all over the world who are not speaking german, but still might be interested in what’s going on here in Germany. As I do think that all my german readers are in return capable of reading english, I hope you’ll forgive me this change. 😉 Moreover, while I’ve been mostly telling you about my life, I’ll start now commenting on what’s going on around me and what I do think is interesting for you guys. Consequently this blog will focus not only on my life, but rather on politics with a special focus on foreign and environmental politics, on Mac-related technical issues and other stuff I find worth mentioning. This kind of restart of this blog will take some time, as I’m still not settled in Berlin and thus won’t have much time over the next few weeks, but it’ll come soon! 😀

While „Change“ is the headline for this blogpost and the blog in general, it is meanwhile THE slogan in the american election campaigns. I just watched the second debate Obama vs. McCain and I do think it’s worth watching for everybody interested in politics!

You won’t be surprised that I think Obama is by far the better choice, but do make up your own mind!

Have a nice day, Philip

P.S.: You won’t believe it but yesterday I got accepted in the second round for the Master’s Programm I wanted to do soooo badly: Private and Public Environmental Management! – You can’t believe how happy I’m… 😀

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