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Hey folks,

I’m pround to announce: FINALLY I’m now officially registered as a student @ FU Berlin within the Master’s Programm of „Public and Private Environmental Management“! 😀 Hurray, that was a loooooooooooooong way to go, BUT I’ve had my last class for this week so I’m able to comment on the programm for this semester: Awesome! 😉 It’s just fantastic to look at the ountlines of the four courses I’ve to take and think „Yeah, I really wanna do it“! :mrgreen: In general this semester seems to be like a welcome-semester for me, as I do have the feeling that I could just talk out of the blue about the majority of issue we gonna be dealing with and thus this will be very easy for me 😀 Apart from being happy with University stuff, I do really have problemes with my knee right now. As most of you know I got a rupture of my cruciate ligament back in may and still had no operation. As I travelled lately a lot in Irland, the UK and Spain, I assume that was a bit too much of action for my knee 🙁 Accordingly right now is walking = pain 🙁 But I’ll call the doc tomorrow and hope I’ll get an appointement as soon as possible. Besides I’m still searching for a nice appartement in Berlin. Until tuesday I stayed at Kyra’s place while I’m now at Stella’s. Tragically Stella got no Internet so far thus I’m kind of disconnected to the rest of the or to be precise „my“ world 😉 Anyway, University stuff is nearly done so I can put all my energy into the appartement-research issue from now on 😉

Ok, as I’m running out of electricity (while sitting in a bar where folks around me smoke… 🙁 ) I’ve to end here for now.

Hope to be able to write about positive news as soon as possible, so stay tuned 😉

Take care, Philip

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