Being Just Happy


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Hey folks,

just wanted to tell you how happy I’m today. While it’s rather obvious that I am happy due to Bremen’s 5:0 victory over Frankfurt, the way more important reason is my ability to walk without crutches again!!! 😀 While I did walk at home without crutches for the last 3-4 days, I didn’t leave the house without them as I didn’t want to risk anything. BUT as Physiotherapy is going very well and I’m not having any trouble with the knee, I decided to „cancel my status as being disabled“ :mrgreen: and get back to „normal life“. Ok, true, that’ll take some more weeks BUT I’m seeing progress here which is the key 😀 Moreover I’m travelling to WorldMUN in March in DenHaag with some friends of mine and I’m really looking forward to it 😀 Maybe I’ll be in Milan at the G8 Summit right before WorldMUN, but that’s not sure yet so I’ll tell you once I know more… Yeah, besides that I got nothing big to tell. I’m happy to be able to walk around, attend university classes again and yesterday I went to a very nice party at Charlotte’s place. 😎

Ok, so far news for the week, take care, Philip

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