Let’s rock, Mr. Minister


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Hey guys,

believe it or not, that’s exactly what I gonna do! :mrgreen: Where? At the G8 Youth Summit 2009 in Milan! Why? Because I’m part of the German delegation to this summit and will represent the Minister of Environment of Germany! 😀 Yeah! Wouldn’t my knee stop me from doing so I would still jump around… :mrgreen: March 2009 is gonna be THE month ever when it comes down to international conferences! While I’ll be in Milan from the 12th of March until the 21st, WorldMUN in Den Haag will take place from the 22nd up to the 27th, thus directly afterwards 😀 So I’ll be „playing“ diplomat for two weeks straight! :mrgreen: How great is that? Right, it’s awesome 😎

Ok, back to real world, take care, Philip

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