Ups and Downs


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Hey folks,

hope you had a nice weekend and got some fine little presents from St Nicolaus 😉 I guess mine have been stolen by the mailman, as the package my mother sent me a couple days ago didn’t make it to me so far… 😥 Anyway, week’s been kind of an emotional up and down…

As some of you know, even though my current appartement is very nice, I’m looking for a new one as I would like to live together with more people than just one (who’s rarely at home) and moreover this one is kinda expensive. That’s why I’m back on the „flatemate-casting“ trip and checked out two very nice flatshares on monday 😕 Meanwhile, as I got my new MacBook, I tried to sell my old one via eBay. I was lucky and some guy living in Berlin came by on Wednesday, gave me the cash and took it for a very good price 😀 Being very happy about the successful sale, my good mood didn’t rest long as I got another „Sorry, we have choosen somebody else“-message from the favorite one of the two flatshares I had checked out on Monday 🙁 Same message I got later on from the other one so I’m back where I’ve been 2 month ago – just getting rejections 🙁 I know from the other side of that game that it’s really hard to choose the right flatmate, but its kinda depressing to get not a single positive response. Anyway, besides that I’m starting to participate in the social-life of my fellow students again and went to see Munich against Hoffenheim on Friday with them and yesterday we met up to enjoy a nice Christmas Markt 😀 That’s really great, even though I still cannot stand that long and thus have to return back home after a certain time, I’m seeing progress here 🙂 Speaking of which: I’m now able to walk stairs up and down – that’s a HUGE step forward ❗ 😀 Ok, besides that I’m now pretty much done with my study, I’ve to do the layout, re-read everything and write the executive summary and then I’m finally DONE 😀

Ok, hope you’re doing fine, have a nice week, Philip

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