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Hey folks,

just a short hello again. While I was kind of optimistic earlier this week that I would be finished with my study by the end of the week, things turned out differently – as always. 😕 While I came across two crucial points I didn’t had included in the study so far, additionally I’m constantly getting more and more other stuff to do… Bearing in mind the time problems I have right now, I scheduled all my presentations at the university for 2009 – too bad I was tricked by one prof that changed the date of one of my turns to next thursday, thus I’ll have to do it now. 😐 Meanwhile it turned out that being the „German Minister of Environment“ at the G8YouthSummit is not all fun but work… While I never expected it to be easy going, I just didn’t see it coming that fast. Accordingly my time management just collapsed to a certain extent and I’m trying to find a balance between UNEP-work, University-work, G8-work, Physiotherapy and … sleeping time. I’m back again at the point were I’m sleeping 4-5h a day – that ain’t healthy! Just to make sure, I’m not complaining here about the things I have to do, I just have a huge problem to figure out HOW I actually can do them ❗

Ok, that said and being close to fall asleep in front of my desk, I’ll finish with a conversation I had lately with my landlord:

She: Well, does your flatmate has a girlfriend?
Me: No!
She: Do you?
Me, No!
She: Oh – pause – so who’s cleaning your appartement in that case ❓ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I ain’t gonna comment on that, but while these occasions are really few, I had to search for words due to my disbelieve of what I’ve just had heard 😉

Have a good night and enjoy your weekend!


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