Christmas Time


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Hey everybody,

just wanted to tell you briefly that I’m now back home at my family’s place close to Osnabrück, so if you’re in town as well, give me a call 😉 After a really stressful week with a variety of stuff to do I came back yesterday and enjoyed the first „relaxing“ day since my operation. My friend Jochen came over today and we played endless rounds of table-tennis and even though I lost every but the last one, it was a hell of fun! 😀 Afterwards I enjoyed a little walk over the Christmas-Market in town with my family and did pretty much nothing else 😎 While I still do have lots of work to do, I decided to take it easy about the x-mas days 😉 Speaking of which, on wednesday I called my Prof in Bremen who hasn’t responded to my recent mail questioning him, when he would be finished with reading and grading my Bachelorthesis (It’s now about 4 month he’s got it…). Knowing how university administrations work and how much time they need I figured that I should stress the importance of getting my final result as fast as possible, as I have to present the certificate by Febuary in order to be able to sign in for the second semester of my Master… Guess what he told me: „Yeah, I see your point. Well, I’ll really try to do it soon, but just call me early in January and remind me of it!“ 😯 He just did not only admit that he had not had any look on it so far but that he might need more time then the next two weeks to do it ❗ This really sucks, as I really don’t know how I’m going to solve the problem if I don’t have my certificate from Bremen by the time I have to sign in again in Berlin… Why the hell can’t things just work out one single time the way they should thus without me getting stressed and running to get all stuff done in time ❓ Anyway, it’ll work out as always, but still… Besides that everything is nice and I’m happy to enjoy „Hotel Mum“ for a little while 😎

Hope you’re having a great time, Philip

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