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Hey folks,

I just thought I should keep my promise and tell you what’s gonna keep me busy over the course of the next two month, so you get an idea, why I won’t be around 😉 But first things first: I’m DONE with my study!!! 😎 😀 😆
❗ ❗ ❗ If you’ve followed me on this blog, twitter, facebook, skype or even had to hear my complaints about way too much to do, you might be able to imagine how happy I am, as most of these complaints where related to my work on the study 😉 I can’t publish the study so far as it’s now up to UNEP what they gonna do with it, but if they decide to publish it, I’ll let you know 😉

So, here we go. I sublet my room yesterday for the following two month as I’ll be in:

Paris -> 14.02. – 18.02.
Osnabrück -> 19.02 – 24.02.
Belfast -> 25.02. – 3.2.
Osnabrück -> 4.3. – 11.3.
Milan -> 12.3. – 21.3.
The Hague -> 22.3. – 28.3.
Osnabrück -> 29.3. – 4.4.
Bremen – 5.4. – 4.9

Guess I’ll be traveling a lot 😉 So in short, in Paris I gonna see lots of friends and meet my boss @ UNEP to discuss the study, in Belfast I’ll participate in Queens University’s MUN that’s going to be organized by a couple of friends of mine, afterwards I’ll be in Milan to represent the German Minister of Environment at the Model G8 Youth Summit, in The Hague I’ll participate in the WorldMUN representing Tadjikistan 😉 and last but not least I’ll enjoy some time in Bremen at the BRIMUN 😀 Even though I’ll be in „diplomatic mode“ all time, if you’re in town and like to see me, give me a call 😎 Yeah, now you might wonder where I got all that time from to do this… Good point. Answer: I don’t :mrgreen: I’ve to write 4 papers and a couple of other things to organize, but… I guess I’ll manage somehow 😎

As always its all about time-management and so far it did work out, so it’ll work out this time as well ❗ It would be nice to get some more time, the funny things is ➡ I do ❗ At least in german, cause since 5 weeks I get the best german weekly journal, called ZEIT ➡ Time – for free 😯 And I’ve no idea why, cause I never ever signed anything and there’s no address-sticker or anything else on the journal, it’s just each week in my mailbox :mrgreen: That’s fantastic, cause I really like that journal – even though I don’t really can take advantage of it as I’ve no time to read the articles… Still it’s pretty cool 😀

Ok, besides travel, work & university stuff I still try to have a bit of a social life and had a very nice weekend. Friday night an old friend of mine called me out of the blue and told me that she had missed her flight back to Osnabrück (she had a meeting in the german ministery of economics). Half hour later we went out and had a fantastic dinner at a very nice little restaurant close by. We hadn’t seen us for more than a year so we’d lots to talk about 😉 Afterwards we went to some stylish club where Celine talked the doorman into letting us in :mrgreen: After a nice brunch next morning at her hotel I showed her a little around (even though I was unable to answer a single „touristic“ question regarding buildings etc. :mrgreen: ) and then got back to work when she flew back home ➡ that was one of the best surprises I’ve had so far in 2009 😀 Later on Saturday I met up with Charlotte and we discovered four local museums during the „Long Night of Museums“. It was awesome and we really enjoyed it 😀 So except of Werder’s defeat on Sunday I had an exceptional weekend 😀

Ok, I guess now you’ve got a good update on what I’m doing and what’s coming up 😉 Hope you’re doing fine as well and wish you all the best,

take care, Philip

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