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Salut mes ami,

guess what, I’m finally back in PARIS 😀 Yeah, and I’m soooooooooooooooo happy to be here, feels really like I came „home“. 😉 It’s freezing cold but sun is shining and my little „picture project“ is working out quite well so far (I’ll tell you more about it when it’s online…) 😛 So, what’s more to tell?

Well, this week’s been quite stressful (oh right, guess you knew that already) but really cool. Wednesday I went to a conference on climate change and thursday morning to one of the german ministry of environment where they presented their „Energy-Roadmap 2020“. That was really interesting but I had to leave early as I had to write my (hopefully) last exam for the whole master program, thus forever… 😎 I guess „4 wins“ thus I don’t give a shit about the grade and hope to be done with it :mrgreen: Ok, afterwards we (my fellow students and I) went to a little bar and had some drinks. It was quite funny and I really enjoyed it. Friday I cleaned and cleared out my room as I still hope somebody will move in while I’m away…

Since yesterday I’m here in Paris and it’s been AWESOME so far. First thing I did after having arrived: I dropped off my backpack at Fabia’s place and drove to my favorite sportsbar in order to see the second half of Bundesliga :mrgreen: It was great to see everybody over there again and I had to explain where I’d been… („Heeeeeeey, he’s back – haven’t seen you in ages…) :mrgreen: Then I catched up with Fabia at her very little but nice place in the 6th arrondissement of Paris (damn expensive) and shortly afterwards we drove to our favorite CousCous place where we’ve had CousCous nearly each week when I’d been here a year ago. Another big hello was followed by a very good free CousCous and afterwards we enjoyed walking a bit through town. Today we had a very good galette at a nice place nearby and did another walk-around and enjoyed the nice weather. Till now we’ve both worked and now we’re about to enjoy some french movie in a cinema close by 😀 Sounds good? Is awesome ❗ 😀 Tommorrow I’ll meet my chef from UNEP and I’m looking forward to see some of my old colleagues.

Oh right, this entry is called „respire“ as I have now less stress and more time to „respire“, sadly though I’m really sick and can’t respire at all 🙁 Well yeah, that’s normal right? As far as the really heavy stress is going on you’re staying healthy, the moment you feel a bit more relaxed the cold is hitting you hard…

Anyway, hope you’re doing fine,

à bientôt, Philip

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