Siggi the Rhino


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Hey there,

some of you might have notized the pics on the upper left side that link to my gallery. So here comes the explanation what the pics are about. As you probably know, I’m flying to Milan in a bit more than a week in order to represent the German Minister of Environment @ the G8 Youth Summit. At our workshop in January, our Minister of Foreign Affairs (Brhan) who travels a lot through Africa, gave each delegate a nice wooden figure. Mine was – as you can see – a rhino. As the real Minister is called Sigmar, naming my figure „Siggi the Rhino“ was at hand 😉 And as I’ve a huge library of photos from Paris, there was no need to take any „normal“ pics and thus I decided to do something creative… You can check it out when you click on the pics and then go through the album 😀

Aside from that, Paris was great (oh right, already told you so…) 😎 Especially my meeting with my boss @ UNEP turned out to be very cool, as he (or to be precise, his boss) decided that if I change the focus of my last three chapters of my study from „what should UNEP do“ to „what should the other stakeholders do“, they will publish it not only as an official UNEP study on their webside as a pdf but actually gonna print it for real!!! 😯 😎 :mrgreen: Isn’t that awesome? So right now the study is in an international review process and I have no deadline to do the changes except of that it should be done within 2009 (seems doable to me 😉 )

In Paris I met up with other friends and really enjoyed my time being there – can’t wait to get back. Right now I’m at my family’s place in Osnabrück and work on my papers for university. Over the weekend I travelled a bit and enjoyed some time with friends in Bremen and Oldenburg. In contrast to what I had posted some weeks ago, I didn’t make it to Belfast as the conference didn’t take place and while my friends over there asked me to come over anyway, I decided not to and rather take the time to work on my papers.

Ok, tommorrow the day is going to start with an appointment at the dentist but it’s getting better later, as I’ll meet up with two of my best friends and moreover Werder is going to play (that’s only good if they gonna win though… 😉 ) :mrgreen:

Hope you’re having a good time,

enjoy your week, Philip

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