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Hey everybody,

I guess it’s going to be redundant that I start each entry with an excuse for not having writen anything lately, but I’ll try to change that soon! One month has passed so lets see what happened. Last time I told you that I was in Milan and The Hague which was really cool, though that caused some of my stress afterwards…

As I had to write four papers for the last semester and not much time aside from conferencing 😉 I didn’t manage to hand all of them in so far. This week I managed to get the more important one done and on Monday I gonna start writing the last one for last semester so that I can think of writing the first one of this semester… :mrgreen:

After the conferences I spent two week at my moms place (ok, did some trips to Bremen, Oldenburg and Detmold as well) and enjoyed „hotel mum“ quite a bit 😉 Now I’m back in Berlin since a bit less than two weeks and aside from writing the papers life’s really great. Originally I had planned to rent a truck and bring some more of my own stuff along (especially my bed…) but it turned out that that would have been so expensive that I actually could go and buy a new one here in Berlin instead… Don’t know yet whether I’ll go for that option. Anyway, after I handed in the before mentioned paper I decided to do this week all the administrative and housework stuff I had postponed during writing. After cleaning the whole apartment (took me 2 days and lots of time) now everything looks nice and shiny and I really hope it’s gonna stay that way (still have to show my flatemate what cleaning actually should be about… 🙄 ). So while I had cleaned my room, it still looked like the chaos you’re all used to see at my place :mrgreen: Guess what, I changed that yesterday! I actually bought some folders and went through all my documents flying around in a bunch of stacks of paper and put them in a logic order in the folders!!! I really can’t remember and doubt that my documents where ever organized in a similar way before… Cool thing though, I managed to find nearly EVERY document (like for examples all account statements from 2005 up to now *feeling proud*) I need to have 😀 So now my room’s not only clean, but organized – first time ever 😆

Social life has been great as well. First weekend I met up with some friends from the conference in Milan and on Thursday I went with Charlotte and Marie to a little nice cinema (first one in Berlin I really really like) to watch „Deutschland 09“. So funny, we actually managed to fulfil all stereotypes for going out in Prenzlauer Berg: We walked or came by bike, we had a good pizza, watched a cool but highly complex, intellectual and somehow strenous movie in a little independed cinema while drinking Bionade… :mrgreen: Today Marie is going to throw a party at her house and I’m looking forward to see all the people with funny hats (You’ve to have one to enter) :mrgreen: I’ve borred a über cool (jep, that’s english though kind of really weird…) hat from Kyra (she’s the queen of hats!!!) and so I’m all set 🙂

Ok, last couple of words about soccer… Damn it, wasn’t that awesome on Wednesday? Gosh, if I had have a cardiac pacemaker I most definitely would have killed that thing… :mrgreen: Too bad, the tickets for the final of the german supercup are already gone 🙁 That would have been my second time watching Werder in the Olympia Stadium, as I was there last Sunday (though that wasn’t really successful…) Anyway, now I’m heading over to my favorite sportsbar here in Berlin, the Alois S. where a bunch of cracy green dressed people use to scream and argue (including me up front) about eleven people that run behind a little ball… :mrgreen:

Have a great weekend,

more to come soon, Philip

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