First of May in Berlin


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Hey everybody,

just thought I should give you guys a little update 😀 If you’ve been in Germany, you might have heard about the „riots“ going on in Berlin-Kreuzberg on the first of May. Well, I’ve been there and it hasn’t been as bad as the media is reporting. Or to be precise, I’ve been on the myfest, the street party organized by the people living around the SO36 area and it was quite nice. I went there in the afternoon together with Marie and two friends of her from Paris who are right now visiting her. So it was me and the three french girls wandering around to enjoy the sun, concerts and the nice athmosphere 😀 We really had a great day and did not really encounter any big problems. However, I know that at the Kottbusser Tor some folks clashed with the police and I saw some stones flying… 😯 Still that was far away from being as extreme as the media reports. Nobody who would not want to be involved into trouble has been, just the troublemakers who went there to knock their heads against some police guys caused all the attention. Later we went to a very nice concert in a very nice bar close to Görlitzer Bahnhof and only on our way back towards Oranienplatz we encountered a bit of what has been reported afterwards, as we couldn’t cross Adalbertstrasse/NaunynstraÃƞe as the Police had blocked the streets and dealt with some drunk guys…

In conclusion, I didn’t want to get involved into trouble and I didn’t even though I was less than 100m away from where the reported and so-called „riots“ took place… By the way, similar impression got Frédéric from Spreeblick!

Have a nice week,Philip

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