Sperrwache09 in Berlin


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Zensursula on Twitpic Hey everybody,

this morning I was at the #Sperrwache09 right in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Today might become a historic date, as our parliament is about to demand censorship of the internet. I already wrote about that some time ago and Markus lately wrote a nice article in english, so if you’re interested, check it out. I really liked the different creative slogans and short speeches. Too bad that it was somehow preaching the choir, as everybody who was there fully understood the importance of voting AGAINST that law, but I doubt, that our voices will be heard in the parliament later today. If not, the green party actually demanded the parliament to vote by name, so be sure to check the record of your candidate when it’s time to vote in september!

One of the videos:

Take care, Strothi

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