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as you might have heard, the law we tried to fight actually passed through the parliament on Thursday 🙁 For quite sometime I was really really depressed, now it’s up to our president (write him over here) who has to sign the document before it can become a law and if he does, I’m sure it’ll fail in front of the Supreme Court. Still, that might take some time and by then the technical structure will be installed and used… All in all, a really bad day for the german republic.

By the way, at the #Sperrwache09, Claudia Roth, Chairwomen of the green party, was there with a crowd of others, gave an interview to RTL and left after less than 30 minutes again. Bearing this in mind, it comes as a big suprise that actually not all members of the green party voted against the law, 15 abstained! Quite embarrassing!

Via Jörg Olaf over at I found out that Professor Dr. MĂƒÂŒnkler wrote an answer to the many that had critizised him strongly for his stupid remarks (including me). Fefe wrote the best comment on his new article:

Professor MĂƒÂŒnkler versucht seine Reputation zu retten, nachdem er sie vorgestern mit Nachdruck geshreddert hatte.

The new article doesn’t really makes it better, still lacks any insight into the topic, is quite badly writen from an rethorical point of view and just plain wrong. Be sure to read the comments on the article below!

As already stated, thanks to the green party we know exactly who voted for and who voted against the law. SO CHECK YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENTS RECORD before voting in September!

Ok, enough depressing news for now, tommorrow I’ll bring you a little bit up to date with my regular life, which is less depressing 😉

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