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Hey folks, as the title suggests, I just got my new camera – the fantastic Nikon D90 with the 16-85 VR objective. I had thought about buying a digital SLR for quite some time and now I actually jumped the cliff and did it 🙂 As you probably know I’m travelling a lot and I […]

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———————– Update 4.8.09 The new beta version of NNW now supports clippings again. I just did the update and now all the clippings are back, thus the process (with regard to the clippings) I described below becomes obsolete! ———————– Hey folks, just a very short hint, as I just had some trouble to do it […]

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Hey folks, while I just complained a little bit about the German version of the US „Don’t Vote“ campaign, this video is simply awesome and shows – even though it’s a different context – that Germans are able to produce great short films that will hopefully raise awareness 🙂 The following video was produced by […]