India is less than 8 weeks away!


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Hey folks,

after a couple of rather political entries I decided to tell you a bit about what happened recently in my life and what is about to happen. Last week was great cause it was the last week of university for my entire life – at least sort of. The Master I’m studying right now is structured in a way that you do all your classes in the first year while you have the entire third semester for a project and the fourth to write the Master Thesis. On Wednesday the second semester ended and thus I won’t have any class any more – feels kinda strange to me…

From Berlin to New Dehli

After having finished the second, the – correct – third semester and thus the project is scheduled to take place. And here we are with the more or less big news (for the one’s who don’t follow me on twitter, facebook or in real life at least…): I’m going to conduct the project in India, to be precise, in New Dehli! I’m flying to India on the 16th of September and I’ll return exact 3 month later on the 16th of December. The project is focusing on e-waste and I’ll try to figure out which impact the so calles Basel Ban of the Basel Convention had on the waste stream that goes towards India. Moreover I’ll try to get a better picture of what’s really going on in the sector and will try to answer the question, whether the Basel Ban is the appropriate solution to the problem (that is, a mostly amateurish recycling process causing great risks for health and environment).

Time is flying!

Now you might say, „16th of September, that’s in less than two month!“ and of course you’re damn right. I got less than two month for writing 5 papers, one project design and prepare my stay in Dehli (thus getting the needed vaccinations, visa etc.). Aside from that there’s lots of other stuff to do as you probably guessed already… Anyhow, I’m somehow convinced that it is doable but I feel that time is more and more flying.

Enjoying life

Nevertheless I granted myself some free time over the last couple of days and enjoyed my life quite well. On thursday I enjoyed a fantastic barbecue in the „Treptower Park“ with friends of mine and on Friday Marie and I went to see „The Producers – Spring for Hitler“. It’s been really really great and I can’t help wondering why today has been the last show? Strange! Anyway, Saturday I drove (was driven) to Hamburg in order to celebrate the birthday of Natascha (I had not seen her for a couple of month…) and had a great time. I came back a few hours ago and I just learned that Andre will be in town for a couple of days. Great! Can somebody divide me into four parts so that I can do everything I would like to do? No? Damn it! Driving from Hamburg back to Berlin I couldn’t help thinking of the following song (sorry, it’s in German) by Rainald Grebe

Alright, now you know what happened over the last couple of days and hopefully you’ll understand that I won’t have much time to skype, call or chat a lot within the upcoming weeks. Still I’ll try to keep in touch with you guys.

Have a great week,


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