The Bill – Die Rechnung


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Hey folks,

while I just complained a little bit about the German version of the US „Don’t Vote“ campaign, this video is simply awesome and shows – even though it’s a different context – that Germans are able to produce great short films that will hopefully raise awareness 🙂 The following video was produced by GermanWatch a German NGO and I found the video via It’s in German but got English subtitles, so I urge you all to watch it:

As today seems to be the „video day“, I strongly advise you to watch the following film as well in which a 13 -year old is plain-talking to the world. Bear in mind that she said that in 1992 and then think about what and if something changed.


This brings me back to my earlier posts. You have to vote! But you don’t only have to vote, but furthermore you should carefully think about who you wanna vote for. Bear in mind what I wrote about why I’m about to vote for the green party, think about what you just saw and then make your choice. Be it for the green party or others, but please check carefully who has a program that seeks to incorporate sustainability into our daily life – as we ain’t got an alternative!

By the way, if you’re in Berlin and you’re somehow interest in politics, you might want to come to the huge demonstration against nuclear energy on the 5th of September:

Alright, so far, so good. I hope you enjoyed the videos and I really hope it made you think about your way of living at least a little bit.

Take care, Strothi