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D90FirstShotHey folks,

as the title suggests, I just got my new camera – the fantastic Nikon D90 with the 16-85 VR objective. I had thought about buying a digital SLR for quite some time and now I actually jumped the cliff and did it 🙂 As you probably know I’m travelling a lot and I always was a bit upset that I didn’t had a camera that could actually capture the beautiness of the places were I’ve been. To be fair, my Fuji F31fd is an awesome camera and did a really good job, but it is a small camera in a way different class. Due to the fact that I actually dissolved my „Home ownership savings plan“, I got recently some money (I had to do it to be able to book the flight to India, pay the vaccines etc.). Together with the fact, that I’m going to be in India for three month and hopefully will take lots of nice pictures, I decided to invest some money into a good camera.

Nikon D90 or Canon 500d?

Before I started my research, I was thinking to buy the Canon 500d but after a couple weeks of research I concluded that the Nikon D90 would be the better of the two. Aside from tests and user reports I read, the D90 felt way more solid in my hands than the 500d. After I had found the right camera, I did lots of research on the right objective. While the body of the camera is important, I learned that a good body won’t help you if you don’t want to invest some money into a good objective as well. After having spend lots of nights reading through

a huge variety of articles, I decided to go for the Nikkor 16-85 VR. In comparison to other „Kit-Objectives“ it’s quite expensive, but several people recommended it and I’m always willing to invest a little bit more to get better quality. Today the postman brought me my new toy and I’m really happy. It just feels right :-) If you wanna know more about the camera itself, just click on the beauty to the right 😉

Oh, even though I bought the camera over a german online store, I got a French manual and a warranty card from Nikon Netherlands – weird 😉 Anyway, as I side effect I’ll improve my French and if I don’t understand it I’ve the online or CD version in German 🙂 The picture above is the very first I shot with the new camera (part of my family’s garden) and I assure you, there are more to come… 😉

Take care, Strothi

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