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Hey folks,

sorry for not keeping you updated over the last couple of days, but I was quite busy travelling from Berlin to Oldenburg, from Oldenburg to Osnabrück to Velbert to Osnabrück and soon back to Berlin. Anyhow, today I called UPS in order to tell them that I’m not going to be in town to receive a package about its content I’ll later write once it arrived. Guess what, the girl on the hotline told me that there wasn’t any possibility to tell the system to delay the delivery until the first attempt failed. Now I know why – have a look:


WHAT THE FUCK? In case you don’t speak german, the picture tells me that the delivery was succesful and that SOMEBODY called Genf got the package who’s assumingly working in SOME STORE nearby!!! They are seriously handing over the package to somebody somewhere without telling me where to go and get my package??? This is service in Germany – simply and truly unbelievable! Alright, I’m really curious where and if I find the package when I’m back in town on wednesday…

Take care, Strothi


Alright, I have to stand corrected – somehow. The whole story above is absolutely true BUT when I arrived in Berlin I had a postcard in my mailbox telling me to look for the package at „Leseland“. That is more information than I had before, BUT as no „Leseland“ is close to my place, I still didn’t know where to look. I figured the bookstore next to my place would make sense and indeed, they had my package – yeah 🙂 While the bookshop is called different, „Leseland“ is the name of the mother company… Still I disapprove delivering the package to a shop nearby where anybody could grap the package – especially bearing in mind that my mobile number was written on the package!!! Anyhow. What I found quite interesting: Before I wrote the above entry, I complained on twitter about UPS. Less than five minutes later somebody from UPS contacted me via twitter and asked how he could help 😉 He ended up telling me to write an e-mail to a certain address and they would come back to me. Indeed, I received an email the next day telling me that the „SWAT-Team“ of UPS would try helping me. Next time I heard from UPS was the day after I got my package when somebody called me in the morning – by then I had my package so I just used the opportunity to state my dissatisfaction with what had happened.

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