Got the visa for India – Taking off in two weeks!!!


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Hey folks,

as you can see, today I got my visa for India 😀 Yeah, one to-do less 😉 Funny side-effect: There couldn’t be a bigger difference between the security of the US and the Indian Embassy – alright, you probably guessed so… but it’s really funny. Last time I went to the US Embassy in order to listen to a presentation of some nice guy on the US‘ environmental policy, we (Master) were only allowed to enter in groups of 5 each, had to give away EVERYTHING and were scanned just like at an airport – in order to enter into a room right next to the entrance separated from the rest of the embassy itself… The Indian Embassy however has a metal detector as well stand right at the entrance and a nice fellow is sitting on his little desk aside to that, but he doesn’t care and the detector beeps everytime somebody enters or leaves the embassy… 😉 Aside from that it was a good start of the „working with India“ project. Yesterday I handed in my documents and today I got the visa – perfect 🙂 Alright. As I told you earlier on, time is flying BUT I think I actually might really be able to finish my 4 papers and the project design before I leave Germany in exactly two weeks!!! That means however, that I have to spend more time on writing these things than on writing blog-posts. So I’ll slow down here a little bit but I’ll be back on full speed when I’m in India cause I think then I’ll have way more stuff to tell then the common „Sorry, I’m busy and have no time!“… 😉

Take care, Strothi

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