Starboard Silent Side CD Release Party


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Starboard Silent SideHey folks,

in the unlikely case that you’re tonight in Paris, then you should definitely come to the „Nouveau Casino“! My friends from Starboard Silent Side are playing a concert and it’s the release party of their first album „Our Friendship was Meant to Sail“. I’ve been listening to the CD for quite some time now (one of the good things to know the musicians is to get their songs quite fast… 😉 ) and still love it!!! If you want to check out whether you like the music or not (which is very unlikely), you can do so on DEEZER 🙂 Moreover I encourage you to check out their youtube channel, where they post lots of cool videos from places all across europe. Once I’m back in Berlin next year I’ll try to bring them to Berlin, if you wanna have the music now, iTunes is your friend… 😉

I’m soooooooooooooooooooo jealous that my friend Fabia is actually about to see them tonight but as you know there was no way that I could make it to Paris tonight 🙁 If I had had the slightest chance, I would be there by now! Anyway, now I’m about to take the train back to Osnabrück to see family and friends once more before I’ll fly to India.

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