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BucketHey everybody,

I’m proud to annouce that I’m more or less done with the long promised fine-tuning of this blog 🙂 The changes are rather under the hood and will hopefully provide a better reading experience 🙂 I basically used the whole day in order to change and ugrade the blog. One of the most visible changes is the new layout in the categories section. I have to say that I knew right from the day I installed this theme that I wanted the categories section to look different but it took me quite a while to figure out, which screws I had to turn… Now it looks the way I intended it right from the beginning 🙂 Morevoer, each category has now its own RSS-feed! In case you wonder why that is big news: For example, if you don’t understand german, simply use the „English“ category feed and you’ll only get my posts in english 🙂 Or if you like to know what I’m doing here in India but really don’t want to hear about german politics – there’s now a feed for you 😉 I think that’s great and hope you’ll use it. Little side effects are the new RSS and Twitter buttons in the right sidebar as well as the Tag Cloud. I wasn’t aware of the fact that clicking on a tag would result in a broken layout… Now that’s fixed 🙂 Moreover I changed the way I’ll handle photos from now on as I explained in this post 🙂 These are only a few of the changes but I hope you’ll like them. I’m always happy about a comment on what to improve or change, so feel free to tell me what you think 🙂

Enjoy your day,


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