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Dear friends,

after my very pessimistic post on what can be achieved in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, today I would like to encourage you to help making our voices – demanding for a real and ambitious agreement – heard by the leaders of the world. If you believe that climate change is a thing to worry about and that we should do something about it, first think about your actions and how you could change your way of living to be more sustainable and climate friendly and then please sign the petition that calls for action of our politicians!

There’s no point in singing the petition while not reflecting about your own way of living! Yes, our politicians have to get things finally on track, but ultimately it is us, the very people on this, our, earth that are responsible. It’s always easy to blame others, so stop blaming, start acting! You don’t know where and how? Well, just google a bit, read a few articles and go and check your Carbon Footprint! Right now I’m in Delhi. Over here at night, it’s really cold but the houses don’t have any heating systems, so we’re sitting here wearing two pullovers. I don’t want you to shut down your heating system, but maybe you could think about turning your system 2 or 3 degrees lower. This does have an impact and even if it’s small, still it will help! And that’s just one minor example. It’s not some document signed by the leaders of the world that will help us fight global warming but it’s us and our actions!

By the way, some might have heard about the „scandal“ e-mail messages going forth and back between some quite known climate change researchers. While the messages are certainly not helpful in fighting climate change and gonna be taken up by deniers to mislead people, whatever happened over there, there’s no reason to doubt that climate change is actually happening. The temperature isn’t rising? Well, that’s no argument, as it’s way harder to predict short term developments then long term perspectives due to the very nature of climate! Having even some years that see a cooling is nothing a serious climate scientist would lead into questioning climate change in general. The science is solid and there is no reason to doubt it!

Sit down and think, go and sign the petition and then hope, cause if we stop hoping, we’ve lost!

Take care,


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