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Time Out


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Dear all, as you probably already figured, this blog is currently not active. This is mainly due the fact that I simply have no time for blogging. Unfortunately I do not even find the time to read the articles I consider worth blogging about. Once I’ve a bit more time, I’ll try to get back […]

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Dear all, this week our media is probably going to go crazy all across the plant. Why? Well, wikileaks, the famous whistleblower plattform released a few hours ago more than 90.000 secret documents of the US army. Three big newspapers, namely the New York Times, the Guardian and the German Der Spiegel got the information […]

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Dear all, it has been quite a while since I posted something. I would like to use this post to explain to some extent what kept me so busy over the last couple of weeks and thank some wonderful people that I had the pleasure to work with. G8/G20 Youth Summit The project that dominated […]