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Moin alle zusammen, neben nationalen Themen rund ums Internet sollte man auch ab und zu mal einen Blick über den nationalen Tellerrand wagen und sich mit der gesamten Entwicklung des Internets beschäftigen. Das Thema in diesem Zusammenhang ist dabei die so genannte Netzneutralität. Was es damit auf sich hat, warum das wichtig ist und was […]

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Hey folks, as you can see, FINALLY I got something written that actually states, that I’m going to India 🙂 It took ages but as I already got some of the DAAD scholarship money, I got no reason to worry anymore 🙂 Having less than five weeks left and a hell lot of stuff to […]

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Hey folks, while I just complained a little bit about the German version of the US „Don’t Vote“ campaign, this video is simply awesome and shows – even though it’s a different context – that Germans are able to produce great short films that will hopefully raise awareness 🙂 The following video was produced by […]