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Happy New Year


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Hey everybody, 2008 is coming to an end and thus I wish you a happy new year! I hope you will enjoy 2009 healthy and happily and I’m looking forward to have a lot of fun with you guys! 😀 But before moving on to 2009, I thought I would give you a rough overview […]

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Hey folks, believe it or not, I’m back on track 😎 At least on the university track, as I got the „OK“ from my doc today for leaving the bed and thus walking around 😀 YEAH, in addition I got a new splint that has a joint so that I can move the knee now […]

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While I usually have to fight unexpected stuff on various occasions on a variety of issues, this time it’s not been me but my doc who had to fight with unexpected complications 🙁 Ok, let’s start with this: I’M FINE! Everything’s ok – again.