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Depressing News


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Hey, as you might have heard, the law we tried to fight actually passed through the parliament on Thursday 🙁 For quite sometime I was really really depressed, now it’s up to our president (write him over here) who has to sign the document before it can become a law and if he does, I’m […]

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Hey everybody, this morning I was at the #Sperrwache09 right in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Today might become a historic date, as our parliament is about to demand censorship of the internet. I already wrote about that some time ago and Markus lately wrote a nice article in english, so if you’re interested, check […]

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Hey there, just tested the new Wahl-O-Mat (They ask you some questions in order to tell you, which party shares most of your views) for the European Parliament… Worked out pretty well 😉