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Hey folks, since I started this blog I tried several different methods to use photos. First I stored them locally on my server and used the MyGallery plugin to implement them into this blog. But the process of uploading, editing and using the pics was rather uncomfortable 🙁 When I got MobileMe I thought to […]

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Hey folks, a couple days ago I complained about the service of UPS when I had to search for a package. I just wrote a little update on the „package story“ as it turned out a bit different than I thought initially but as promised this one is going to be about the item shipped […]

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Hey folks, sorry for not keeping you updated over the last couple of days, but I was quite busy travelling from Berlin to Oldenburg, from Oldenburg to Osnabrück to Velbert to Osnabrück and soon back to Berlin. Anyhow, today I called UPS in order to tell them that I’m not going to be in town […]