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Hey everybody, as some of you might know, I’m working for Model G8 Germany. We’re a NGO that organizes the participation of German students at the G8 Youth Summits. This year the summit took place in Milan, the one next year is going to be in Vancouver. Aside from that we actually thought it might […]

Travel Plans


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Hey folks, I just thought I should keep my promise and tell you what’s gonna keep me busy over the course of the next two month, so you get an idea, why I won’t be around 😉 But first things first: I’m DONE with my study!!! 😎 😀 😆 ❗ ❗ ❗ If you’ve followed […]

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Hello again, guess what, I just checked all my ToDo items for today and since I haven’t had the chance to do that this early for a couple of weeks now, I’m pretty happy about it 😎 Now I got some time to write this entry and tell you guys a bit what’s keeping my […]