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Work – Kam Karna


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Hey folks, as many of you asked me „So, how’s your project going?“ I figured I should write a little bit about the project itself, what I’m doing here, what I will do and what problems have occurred so far… Well, basically what I’m doing here is nothing else than working on a paper. The […]

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Hey my friends, as you guys noticed, the last couple of weeks/months were really tough and I had time for nothing but the stuff that had to be done. Accordingly I thought it might be a good idea to explain to you what has actually happened.

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Moin, so, wie schon gestern angekündigt, bin ich ja im Moment nur am Arbeiten. Hier also das Ergebnis: Der Bericht zu meinem Praktikum bei UNEP-DTIE in Paris für meine Uni 😀 Praktikumsbericht Joa, wird den meisten von euch wahrscheinlich in großen Teilen bekannt vorkommen, da ich vieles aus meinem Erasmus-Erfahrungsbericht übernommen habe. Da habe ich […]