My First Diwali


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Hey folks,

today I enjoyed my first Diwali – the festival of lights – in India and as I had a totally awesome day I thought I share some of my impressions with you guys. My fantastic weekend started actually yesterday evening when I went to a party organized by some german friends of mine. Actually getting home afterwards was kinda real tricky, as the different areas are closed down here after 22 o’clock and only one gate is usually open. Bad luck: The highway leading to the main gate was closed as well so I ended up jumping over one of the huge 3m tall closed gates in order to get back home… 😉

Anyway, so I did not sleep much and got up around 11 o’clock in order to meet up with Navarun and Vrishali at the Indian Habitat Center. After we met we bought some sweets and went to Navarun’s place. Navarun and his roommate Raman prepared a really good lunch and we enjoyed our time. Later in the day we got up on the rooftop and set some firecrackers on fire – as it is tradition here around Diwali. Actually setting up firecrackers and fireworks started like two weeks ago, but the main day to celebrate is today.

So after having had the „all indian firecracker experience“ Navarun told us that it would be better to get home now – rather early – in order to be able to get a rickshaw without getting overcharged later. So I went home and came right in time to watch the conference of the german soccer league and saw my team winning – great 🙂

As the explosions around me really got intense I decided to grab my camera and do a little fotowalk around my neighborhood. I really enjoyed it and took lots of pics. Shortly before I was about to enter into my street again I was taking some pics when an Indian couple passed by and the guy said: „Hey, come with us, then you can shoot pics of real great fireworks!“ I was a little surprised but thought „Why not“ and joined them. Turned out, he was living right across the street and guess what – his whole family and friends – about 30-40 people – were celebrating Diwali on the street. Not only was I now standing in the middle of a huge Indian family, but my new friend insisted on showing me his – very nicely – decorated house! I thus was able to shoot pics of a „traditional decorated Indian house“ for Diwali and was treated like an important guest… 😀 I felt a little strange, but everybody was really really nice. I got chay (sort of tea), lots of sweets and finally they even shared a bit of their dinner with me (as I denied having dinner with them later, so I was given some parts to try anyway…). I actually stood with the family on the street for more than an hour, talked to the family members, enjoyed great fireworks and took lots of pictures! Unbelievable 🙂 Can you imagine, being invited by a total stranger to celebrate the most important festival in your culture with him? Guess what, that happened to me just by walking through my neighborhood! Awesome!  Once again a totally Indian heartwarming experience! This is why I love India, everybody – or most people I met thus far – are just really really nice and friendly 🙂

Alright, now I gonna sleep very well provided with awesome memories of my first Diwali in India 🙂 I’ll upload the pics tomorrow!

Happy Diwali,


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