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Aahvaan 2009


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Hey folks, it’s been a week since I told you about my awesome Diwali so it’s time for a little update on „living in India“ 😉 Actually last week nothing really special happened. I tried to work in the library, had language class and enjoyed my time. The only reportable thing was my try to […]

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Hey folks, while I’m sitting here in the heat, I thought I share my „Experiencing India“ stories with you guys 😉 On Friday I had planned to sleep a little longer in order to rest a bit – that didn’t work out… At nine somebody knocked on my door and offered my a ride to […]

First day in India


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Hey folks, guess what, now I’m really in India! To be precise – in New Delhi 🙂 After lots of stress on tuesday to clear out my room and get the last things done, wednesday morning I flew to Helsinki. It was a comfortable flight and I met a nice German women who was as […]