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Hey folks,

just wanted to give you a short overview over my last couple of days. Over the weekend I’ve been in Oldenburg and enjoyed the concert of Matze on Friday, where I did the technic. Fortunately, I had my MacBook with me (alright, I always have it with me…) and could record the whole concert. The concert itself has been simply fantastic and I hope we’ll be able to put up some of the recordings soon. Saturday I was the „Surprise-Guest“ on the birthday party of Imke, which was great as well. On my way back to Berlin I stopped in Bremen and met with Andre, so I really had a great weekend 🙂 When I arrived in Berlin again, Jimmy, a friend of mine from Belfast, came round for a short meeting before I headed over to the FÃÂȘte de la Musique. Too bad, that it started raining heavily shortly after I arrived at the concert, so I opted for going back home.

Weather brings me to this week: It’s simply awesome! I’m now sitting in a conference room in Brussels at the Greenweek. Now you might say that I don’t really can take much advantage of the eweather and you’re right, but at least the evenings and short breaks give me the possibility to enjoy it 🙂 The conference itself is so far really interesting. The majority of the sessions I attended had great speakers, though content-wise they often do not tell me anything new. Yesterday we watched the awesome movie: The Age of Stupid. It’s really really worth watching and I urge you to go and check it out once it opens in a cinema close by.

Alright, so far so good. Hope you’re enjoying the week and wish you a nice weekend.

Take care, Philip

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