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Hey folks, I just thought it might be a good idea to write a little update on my life here in Delhi. While I had told you last time that I was about to check out a nice festival with Navarun and Vrishali on Monday last week, that didn’t work out. So I had to […]

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Hey folks, you have no idea how happy I’m just right now: Guess what, I can move out of alcatraz (TERI University’s campus) ansd move into the best apartment I’ve seen so far in Delhi which will now become my new home for the upcoming three month!!! Doesn’t my room look awesome? I think so, […]

One month…


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Hey everybody, I guess it’s going to be redundant that I start each entry with an excuse for not having writen anything lately, but I’ll try to change that soon! One month has passed so lets see what happened. Last time I told you that I was in Milan and The Hague which was really […]