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Hey folks,

a couple days ago I complained about the service of UPS when I had to search for a package. I just wrote a little update on the „package story“ as it turned out a bit different than I thought initially but as promised this one is going to be about the item shipped to me: A brand new pair of Ultimate Ears super.fi 5vi 😀 Yeah, and I didn’t pay anything for them – somehow…

Allright, the story starts back in June 2008 when I decided – after having tried several cheap headphones – to finally invest some money into a pair of high quality headphones that are compatible with my iPhone Classic. I ended up buying the Ultimate Ears super.fi 4vi and paid about 100 bucks for them. I was really happy with this purchase as the sound was simply awesome and I got along with the „in-ear“ concept very well 🙂 Back in Janurary I noticed, that a slight cable break had happened. So I contacted the shop were I had bought them only to find out, that UE would not give any gurantee on the cable… As the cable break wasn’t that bad and only noticable if the cable was in a certain position, I did not follow up on the problem.

In June the cable break got more serious and moreover the cable fell apart at certain points. I was VERY dissatisfied with the quality of the product and wrote an e-mail to the customer support of Ultimate Ears. Anybody wanna bring the argument pro US service? Screw it – I got no response!!! After a little research I found out that Logitech had bought Ultimate Ears a while ago and thought, why not bother them… So I called only to get another „Sorry we can’t help you“ response. Now I was really starting to get pissed and wrote a quite direct mail to Logitechs customer support.


Guess what: They promised me more or less immediately to replace my headphones! Yeah 🙂 Now I was really happy waiting for my new pair arriving any – minute – now – or – hmm… To make a long wait short. They seem to have problems getting the super.fi 4vi so they ended up sending me the better model – worth nearly twice as much as my old one 😀 GREAT – that compensates the wait… 😉 So now I’m very happy again and thank Logitech very much 🙂

Alright, a few words about the super.fi 5vi. While I do think that the super.fi 4vi look better, the super.fi 5vi definately outperform them in terms of sound – which is the more decisive criteria I guess… 😉 Moreover, what I really like is that they now ship with two pairs of the great comply foam tips. I had bought the very exact ones half a year ago

in order to increase the fit. I have very small ears, so buying the complys was a great idea, because they adapt to your ear and thus fit perfectly. This is most important when wearing in-ears, cause if they don’t fit right, you’ll probably hear no bass at all! So, what’s better sound-wise? Well, the bass is better, the highs and lows are much clearer and thus set a different level. All in all, I’m very pleased with the sound. I’ve to admit that I’m a bit audiphil and have a great Marantz Surround Set at home – so I’m used to great sound 😉 Thanks to Logitech now I’ve great sound at home and on the run – perfect 🙂

Alright, as you probably know time’s running faster and faster, but I’m somehow optimistic that my to-do list will be empty by the time I’ll hit the airport in order to take off for the big adventure – India 🙂

Stay tuned and have a great week,


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