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Hey folks,

since I started this blog I tried several different methods to use photos. First I stored them locally on my server and used the MyGallery plugin to implement them into this blog. But the process of uploading, editing and using the pics was rather uncomfortable 🙁 When I got MobileMe I thought to use the service not only for mail but as well for pictures, but that wasn’t the solution. While the presentation of the pics is really awesome as well as the integration with Aperture, my photo program of choice, the implementation of MobileMe into this blog sucks! Thus, pictures are there but rarely seen. No tagging is possible, no description can be given and even worse, the pics can not be used in a post on this blog.

So I ended up doing some research over the last couple of days in order to find a fast, reliable picture service that can be integrated into this blog as well as into my workflow, thus has an Aperture plugin. I ended up comparing the well known Flickr with SmugMug and finally went for the later. (A good comparisons on both services can be found here 🙂 ) It just feels right and my experiences with it are so far really great. I’m absolutely stunned by the performance of the uploading process (from India with slow connection, it’s WAY faster then the MobileMe upload took back home in Berlin)… It costs a few bucks but I’m willing to pay for quality and thus this is no big deal. Especially if you move over from Flickr (or say so), you get 50% rebate on the first year 🙂 To conclude, I’m quite happy with smugmug and hope that everything works out the way I hope for. The old MyGallery pics will remain here as well as the pics on MobileMe, but from now on I’ll only use SmugMug 🙂

Take care, Strothi

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