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Dear all, I’m real sorry for this redundant excuses of mine for not being able to keep up blogging, but I just and plain simply wasn’t able to or had other things to do… As you know, I came back to Germany on the 16th of December and since then I think I have had […]

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Hey folks, it’s been quite a while since I wrote something but the last couple of weeks have been really stressful and I had no time to blog about the stuff going on. I’ll report about the last two weeks into more detail in another post later this weekend, but I just wanted to tell […]

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Moin alle zusammen, nachdem ich ja schon hier von der Freiheit statt Angst Demonstration in Berlin am 12.09. berichtet habe, bin ich nun endlich mal dazu gekommen, auch die passenden Bilder dazu online zu stellen. Zum einen hab ich ein Album mit 35 Bildern erstellt, die ich am Besten finde. Darüber hinaus gibt’s noch ein […]